Screenplay Incorporates Real Charity Into Jane Austen Adaptation

Screenplay Incorporates Real Charity Into Jane Austen Adaptation

The main character in the 'Emma Approved' series is hosting a real-life human rights campaign.

Hilary Weaver
  • 23 june 2014

Jane Austen has been doing a little posthumous charity work lately. Emma Woodhouse, the stubbornly independent main character of Austen’s Emma, is now the subject of a charitable television Jane Austen adaptation, Emma Approved. The series, produced by Pemberley Digital, is an offshoot of another Pemberley series, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

The digital group says it is targeting this series toward Lizzie Bennet fan base with the hopes that it can garner its revenue to support a human rights campaign. The transmedia story intertwines Emma Approved’s plot with an element of crowdfunding.

In the show’s plot line, Emma’s character is hosting an auction for a human rights campaign. The fictional auction is a real-life contest where fans can vote for their favorite character by donating money to anti-human trafficking site, 27 Million. Fans of the show can log into crowdfunding site EverdayHero to vote for their favorite fictional character and donate money to the cause.

The show’s creators have set a goal to raise $2,500 for 27 Million and have already surpassed their original goal of $1,000.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries had a similar approach when it began airing in 2012. The show’s characters were each given social media accounts, where fans could follow them and interact as the show progressed.


The media group is also experimenting in the transmedia realm with its series Frankenstein, which follows the medical career of MD Victoria Frankenstein. Viewers can follow the female Frankenstein’s career through her experiments on YouTube and other online social channels.

Emma Approved

[h/t] Daily Dot

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