Kiehl’s Uses Space Technology In New Men’s Face Product

Kiehl’s Uses Space Technology In New Men’s Face Product

The cosmetics brand asks customers to 'put space on your face,' will send action figures in their likenesses to the stratosphere.

Vashti Hallissey
  • 12 june 2014

Kiehl’s new product line features an ingredient  used on the Mars Rover. To celebrate the launch, the brand is offering fans a chance to reach the stars courtesy of a 3D-printed action figure with their face on it.

The US-based cosmetics is known for its love of science and adventure, creating products for explorers and even carrying out its own expedition to Everest.

Aereolite, the lightest solid on earth, is the selling point of the new Oil Eliminator range. It’s an aerogel based material which NASA has used to insulate the Mars Rover and to capture interstellar dust on the ‘Stardust Mission’.

The fact that Aerolite is almost weightless has two advantages: the products feel very light on your skin and they’re also easy to attach to a rocket to fly up to space. That’s what the brand did to celebrate its launch, attaching a bottle of the product to a custom rig and sending it 20 miles above the earth.


The brand is now looking for aspiring astronauts for its next trip. On the 12th June, Kiehl’s released a Twitter competition that calls for people to take a selfie mid-air and hashtag it #SpaceFace. Those who are best at defying gravity will win a trip to Space, for their face: Kiehl’s will create 3D custom astronaut figurines, each one with a winner’s face on it, attach them to a balloon and send them into the stratosphere. Once it returns to earth, the figurines will be sent to the winners.

You can find out more about the campaign in the video below.

Kiehl’s in Space

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