Computer Cases Double As Ready-Made Office Desks [Video]

Computer Cases Double As Ready-Made Office Desks [Video]
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Lian Li's designs look like a standard work table but have USB and audio ports and mounting brackets for three monitors.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 june 2014

A desktop computer can take up a lot of space in a room since one would need to have a work desk for the monitor and enough space to store the computer’s hard drive and motherboard, plus accessories like the keyboard, speakers, and others.

Taiwanese company Lian Li has released two new aluminum PC cases – the DK-01X and the DK-02X – both of which double as a standard work desk.

The DK-01X aluminum desk, the smaller of the two, is 90 cm long and weighs around 81 lbs. It has space for only one motherboard. DK-02X, the larger desk, is 125 cm long and weighs around a hundred pounds. The DK-02X has enough space for two motherboards and three monitors.


The desks are made of aluminum and have iron legs. They both come with a slim optical drive on the left side, and a few USB and audio ports on the right side. The larger DK-02X case has additional USB and audio ports on its left side. The desks have keyboard trays on the front that can be adjusted to two heights. The computer desks also have a space on the side to store the keyboard and other devices.

The tops of the desks are made of tempered glass and can be removed when necessary. The desks also come with mounting brackets for monitors, removable filters, and pre-installed cooling fans.

The height of both desks is a little higher than most standard computer desks at about 80.5 cm and can be adjusted to 83.5 cm.

The aluminum computer desks certainly hit two birds with one stone since it already provides users with both a PC and a desk to work on. The two computer desks will be available later in July at a price of just under $1,000 for the DK-01X and around $1,200 for the DK-02X.

Lian Li has a third type of computer desk, the DK-Q1, which has a lower height and houses a single motherboard, but its price and release date have not been announced just yet by the company.





Watch the video below for more about the PC cases.

Lian Li

[h/t] Mashable, Extreme Tech

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