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‘The Last Of Me’ lets you say goodbye to you loved ones with final messages that are sent when you die.

Vashti Hallissey
  • 30 june 2014

How would you like to be remembered? It may sound like a morbid question but a new service aims to help you figure it out, by enabling people to prepare the last words they’ll leave their loved ones. ‘The Last Of Me’ is an iPad app that lets you decide upon your final words and make them into personalised art prints that will be sent to your family and friends when you die.

Corina Tan, a graduate of the NUS Department of Industrial Design, wanted to do something that would empower people to confront the taboo topic of death and the effect that it has on those left behind.

“The app does serve to help us be remembered by others when we have gone, but its main aim is when people see the app, it triggers them to starting think about death, regardless of whether they use the app of not. On the other hand, the app also serves to give the user peace of mind, in knowing that they are leaving something behind to comfort and make the grieving experience better for their loved ones”, Corina told PSFK.


‘The Last Of Me’, her thesis project, is a four-part service that enables people to design an art print featuring messages for those they love, “they can be anything from advice to life mottos to even a phrase that you use every day,” Corina explained. This could be a message showing how they feel, a last goodbye or even a movie quote that sums up your attitude to life.

The user’s information is stored in a database, which a team scans every day to compare with death registers from governments and public organisations. When the user’s death has been verified, the system will send a notification to the intended recipients. Once the gifts have been acknowledged, the final messages will be produced and delivered as physical art prints.


Corina originally began by thinking of the service as an aid for those in palliative care, but realized that it would work better in helping the young and healthy to face up to their own mortality.

“The target audience for this service is actually anybody who is still healthy. In a palliative stage, death is a natural topic, it is something that you cannot ignore anymore, that you have to address now. But when we do it when we are still healthy, the topic is more approachable and you can take more time to think properly about it and plan for it,” she told us.

‘The Last Of Me’ deals with the issue of death in a sensitive and uplifting way, offering people a means to provide their friends and family with some comfort when they’re gone.

In its early stages at the moment, Corina is looking for collaborators to make her concept a reality.

The Last Of Me

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