Newest LEGO Set Merges Physical And Virtual Play

Newest LEGO Set Merges Physical And Virtual Play

The new LEGO Fusion sets lets kids interact with the real world and augmented reality.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 26 june 2014

Toy giant LEGO has come out with a new type of set that merges physical play with the virtual world.

The LEGO Fusion building sets combine real LEGO bricks with an accompanying digital app – allowing kids to build structures with the bricks and then import them into the app where they can play with their designs in an app game. Through the app, the kids can play mini games, solve missions, and earn rewards. To add structures or buildings into the app game, they have to build it first with the real LEGO bricks.

Each LEGO Fusion set comes with a “capture” plate or a base plate that has a scannable code and is paired with the app. The children have to create their buildings and structures on top of the capture plate. Afterwards they can grab their smartphone or tablet to launch the app and then take a photo of their creation. The app scans their building and imports them into the app game. As soon as it appears in the virtual town or village, virtual residents start to emerge into the game.


LEGO Fusion lets the children alternate between the physical world and the virtual world as they play the game. For example, as new virtual people appear in the app, the kids have to build new things to cater to the needs of the virtual residents. After creating a new building, they will have to import it again to the app and see it materialize into the virtual world. The kids can also connect with their friends through the app and check out each other’s designs.

The idea is for the kids to be able to play with actual LEGO bricks and at the same time express their creativity in designing their virtual town.


There are currently four LEGO Fusion sets available: Town Master, Battle Towers, Create and Race, and Resort Designer. The concepts of the four sets are based on popular themes, including “tycoon” world-building, defending towers, and car racing. The LEGO Fusion sets are aimed towards kids between the ages of 7 to 12, and will be released in August.

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Sources: CNet, The Verge

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