LEGO Recreations Of Banksy Works You Can Play With

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'Bricksy' is a set of reproductions of famous street art from photographer Jeff Friesen.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 6 june 2014

The reason behind Lego‘s continued success and longevity is the product’s adaptability. They can be used to construct almost anything, which encourages people of all ages to be creative. Last year, photographer Jeff Friesen used the bricks to create 50 States of Lego, a series of photographs of all 50 US states made in the colorful little bricks. The finished product was both comical and inspiring, and it led Friesen to seek out other ways Lego could be used to reimagine the world.

If you follow modern art, you’re likely familiar with Banksy. The popular street artist has produced works on the walls of cities all over the world, sparking many debates about the definitions of art and vandalism along the way. His unique style combines graffiti and stenciling in a humorous yet dark way that is instantly recognizable. For Friesen, these works were the perfect inspiration for a new set of photographs.

For his new project ‘Bricksy,’ Friesen used Lego pieces to recreate 20 famous scenes from Banksy works. Rather than stopping at a simple recreation, Friesen imposed a bit of his own humor into the photographs. For example, for his recreation of the well known ‘A Tale of Forbidden Love,’ the would be lover is not just hurling a bouquet of flowers, he is aiming them as a female police officer- who could be his girlfriend.

Several of Friesen’s photos are viewable below. For the full collection, visit The Brick Fantastic.

The Brick Fantastic

[h/t] My Modern Met


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