Levitation Platform Floats Home Accessories In Midair

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Illusionist Brusspup used Crealev’s CLM 2 Magnetic Levitation Module to create a new kind of home decor.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 10 june 2014

Illusion artist Brusspup has created and uploaded a video that shows a levitation device making various objects float in midair.

Brusspup, who creates science and illusion videos, made this particular video while visiting the Netherlands and he used the CLM 2 Magnetic Levitation Module provided by Crealev, an Eindhoven, Netherlands-based company that develops levitation technology and floating products, to make objects weighing nearly 20 pounds float in midair.

Crealev’s magnetic levitation modules consist of two components, a base that contains the electronics and a carrier disc or ring. The base contains the levitation technology, has an optical sensor, and needs electric power to function. The carrier disc or floating disc is a magnetic disc and can be used to float objects by integrating them within the objects or by placing the objects on top or over the carrier disc. To activate the CLM 2 module, the user has to insert the power plug into an electrical socket. According to the product page, Crealev’s CLM 2 Magnetic Levitation Module has a maximum floating height of 87 mm and can carry loads up to 10 kilograms.


For his video, Brusspup hid the carrier disc inside the objects to create a fun and exciting illusion. The video shows objects such as a chess board, a stack of hardcover books, a pillow, a brick on top of a pillow, and the Millennium Falcon floating. The illusionist hid the magnetic disc inside the chessboard and the pillow. For the floating stack of books, he created a fake book and hid the magnetic disc inside it.

“The device is too huge and powerful, it’s really hard to believe,” Brusspup wrote in the video description. He also wrote that as a kid he dreamed of the Millennium Falcon. “So to see it floating just brings it to another level of reality,” he wrote.

Aside from the magnetic levitation modules, Crealev’s products include floating lamps and custom floating displays. The company creates floating displays for businesses, ad agencies, consumers, distributors, and more.

Check out the video below to see the levitation device in action.


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