London Bus Stop Made From 100,000 Legos


Brick bus shelter built to celebrate London's "Year of the Bus."

Ross Brooks
  • 25 june 2014

To celebrate the “Year of the Bus,” Transport for London (TFL) called on the UK’s only Certified LEGO Professional, Duncan Titmarsh, along with the services of Trueform Engineering to recreate a full size bus-shelter made from more than 100,000 LEGO bricks. Located near the Hamleys toy shop on Regent Street, the bus stop is fully functional and will continue to serve nine different routes right through until July 15th.

Leon Daniels, TfL’s Managing Director of Surface Transport, said:

We are delighted to team up with LEGO and Trueform to offer our passengers a bit of fun on their journey. Many thousands of people pass along Regent Street each day and we hope the new shelter will bring a smile to the face of even a hardened commuter.

The bus shelter took 14 days to build, and marks 100 years since a fleet of London buses were sent to the Western Front to play a crucial role during the First World War, along with the 60th anniversary of the iconic Routemaster.

Jonathan Morley, Group Managing Director, Trueform said:

Trueform are delighted to be able to support Transport for London and the Year of the Bus initiative. As the manufacturers and installers of TfL’s non advertising bus shelters, we are pleased to have been able to assist in this exciting and innovative LEGO bus shelter project.

LEGO bricks continue to make their way into creative projects of all shapes and sizes. A few examples include classical paintings re-created with LEGO and LEGO-themed bedrooms to entice buyers with kids. For this particular project, Emma Owen, PR Manager at LEGO commented:

LEGO is all about stretching your imagination and using bricks to build whatever your mind desires – there are no limits! We hope visitors to Regent Street enjoy this fantastic build, it truly shows that with LEGO you can build anything!

Transport for London

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