Lightweight Desk Lamp Is Powered By A Mac Charger

Lightweight Desk Lamp Is Powered By A Mac Charger
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The Coil Lamp uses Apple's first generation magsafe charger to power up.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 13 june 2014

For long-time Mac users who still have their old Mac magsafe adapters, this unique lamp can help put those adapters to use.

The Coil Lamp by Toronto-based multidisciplinary design studio Castor Design is an attractive and lightweight task lamp that is powered by Apple’s first generation magsafe adapters, which is magnetically attached to the back of the head of the lamp.

Designed by Brian Richer, the Coil Lamp has a minimalist design. The lamp has a custom spring, a single copper rod base, and a slim cylindrical lamp head that is fitted with an acrylic lens. The lamp head is screwed into the custom spring which is located at the top of the copper-plated base of the lamp. The custom spring allows the lamp to rotate in any direction and it supports the lamp as well.

The base of the lamp consists of three parts – the custom spring, the neck, and the foot. The neck and the foot are made of copper-plated rods with varying thickness so that the neck can be inserted into the top of the foot and secured together with small-set screws. The lamp can be easily assembled and disassembled. It can ship flat because its components have similar dimensions. The magsafe adapter does not come with the lamp, though, and users will have to supply that themselves.


The lamp head has a strip of LEDs that give off a warm and directional light, making it usable in the home or an office setting.

The use of old Apple magsafe adapters to power up this lamp is consistent with Castor Design’s philosophy of reusing materials to create their products. According to the company’s webpage, “materials and reuse of materials” is an important part of the design company’s aesthetic.

The design of the lamp began in January 2013 and a working prototype was created in May of the same year. The initial production run for the lamp began in August 2013.

The Coil Lamp was a Silver A’ Design Award Winner in the Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Category.


Castor Design

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