Custom 3D Printed Bracelets Designed To Spark Girls’ Interest In Programming


The premiere project from Google's Made With Code initiative aims to inspire the next generation of women in tech.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 23 june 2014

From sculptures to homes, 3D printed projects are sparking interest across the globe, but one population remains ignored when it comes to the world of technology: young girls. Companies and educational institutions are using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) initiatives to make sure younger generations become interested in pursuing technology, but unfortunately many of these programs are geared towards boys. Aiming to increase diversity in the field, and in particular recruit women, Google has launched ‘Made With Code.’


Made With Code is a campaign designed to to inspire and celebrate women and girls who use programming to do amazing things, to produce projects and resources that will encourage girls to try coding, and to provide alliances and community support that will keep girls interested in coding.

For their premiere project, Made With Code has teamed up with Shapeways to launch ‘Code a bracelet.’ Girls 13 or older can go online and create a custom-messaged bracelet that will be printed in New York and shipped to their houses for free. Since Shapeways is invested in supporting 3D printing innovations, the company saw the project as an opportunity to to show that mass customization of 3D printed objects is already possible.


According to Made With Code, a recent study revealed that a mere 1% of young girls in America are interested in computer science careers. They believe this bracelet campaign will help women develop an interest in how things are made, and inspire them to go out into the world and begin making things themselves.

Though the bracelets will only be free for a limited time, Made With Code has several additional projects available, including Accessorizer, where girls can accessorize a selfie, Avatar, where girls can create their own 2D characters, and Beats, where they can compose their own soundtracks.

Made With Code // Shapeways

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