App allows artist- and musician-created branded and non-branded sticker Emojis to be used in multiple services and networks.

With all the buzz around the new 250 Emojis available a new app has made a well-timed landing that will send Emoji fans over the edge.

Hi-Art is an iOS app that aims to ‘reinvent the way we think about Emojis & emoticons.' The New York City-based company is turning the way we use the symbols on its head by introducing a feature that enables users to send Emojis in sticker form through SMS, iMessage, Facebook, and Twitter.

The team have worked with music artists, graffiti and graphic artists, and other celebrities on both branded and non-branded stickers to create works of art to browse and share via mobile devices. The stickers are planned to be more complex and larger, yet still simply enhance the meaning or emotion of a message. There will also be a lot more to choose from and a lot more variety compared to the current stock, which has gone under scrutiny of late for its lack of ethnic diversity.

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