Tiny, Live-Streaming Wearable Camera Wirelessly Connects To Your Phone

Tiny, Live-Streaming Wearable Camera Wirelessly Connects To Your Phone

Lightbox is a smartphone extension that lets users take hands-free photos and videos.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 19 june 2014

Lightbox, created by New York-based startup CA7CH, is a small wearable camera that lets users take photos and stream videos with their smartphone completely hands-free.

CA7CH Lightbox claims to be the smallest live-streaming wireless wearable camera. The small square-shaped camera acts as a smartphone extension and comes with a corresponding app that’s packed with features.

The camera measures 1.5 inches on each side and has a shiny waterproof aluminum body that weighs about 30 grams. It has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, an 8 MP lens with a sapphire lens protector, and a -35 dB microphone. The camera also comes with a magnetic clip that allows it to be attached easily to the owner’s clothing or accessories. Users can attach it to their shirt, baseball cap, or bag straps.


Lightbox has a single multi-function button that users can program to snap a photo, take short 12-second videos, record audio or live stream. Users can also customize the button function to be in “burst” mode to create GIFs.

With a single click, the Lightbox button can capture the image, video or audio and post it into the user’s cloud storage. Users can opt to keep their media private or set the Lightbox to auto-share it. Lightbox connects with the user’s smartphone via the built-in Bluetooth or WiFi and stores all media to the cloud. The camera also has 8 GB of internal storage that allows it to record media even without the connectivity. Through the connectivity, users can also connect multiple Lightbox cameras into one event feed.

The CA7CH app lets the user control the settings for the camera, create events where friends can take photos, share media and comment on posts, as well as post them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks. The app also lets users edit their photos with filters, photo frames, stickers and text patches. The CA7CH app will be available for iOS and Android devices.

The Kickstarter campaign for Lightbox has already exceeded its $80,000 goal with still a month to go before it ends. The Early Bird price for the Lightbox is $119, which is $70 less than the list price. Backers can expect their Lightbox to ship in October.



[h/t] TechCrunch

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