‘Her’ Game Designer Creates Relaxing Mountain Simulator

‘Her’ Game Designer Creates Relaxing Mountain Simulator
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David O’Reilly will release a new kind of game that has players sculpt a peaceful mountain.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 17 june 2014

Video games have become more and more realistic with highly detailed first person shooters, war simulators, roleplaying games and heart-stopping horror thrillers. However, as these loud and action packed games flood the market, a new genre has appeared: Relaxing games, designed to put the player at ease. David O’Reilly, best known for his fictional game featured in the Oscar-nominated film ‘Her,’ has created his own ‘Art Horror’ game called ‘Mountain.’

This ‘relax ’em up’ game, on which O’Reilly worked with independent game developer Damien Di Fede, is designed to help players slowly relax, from either a long stressful day at work, school or just life. Announced at the Horizon conference at E3, the mechanics are pretty simple, and should be easy for gamers of all walks of life to use.


Players begin by drawing answers to a series of, according to the developers, “very open-ended” questions. From there, the game will take the drawings, and using its code, decipher them in such a way to create a unique mountain specifically for the player. While the questions themselves are unknown, the answers will influence the amount of vegetation, the terrain and snow-fall averages for the particular land mass. From there, the players can watch their little mountain grow and decay over time, with no other options to add or remove anything from the digitally created land.


The game will include features such as automatic save, an optional audio track and a total lack of controls. Players watch as this mountain creates and then destroys life as it would in nature. There will also be natural phenomenon, such as a day and night cycle, weather patterns like sunshine, rain, and fog, as well as changing seasons, all moving forward at the speed the user chooses. Game will provide around 50 hours of game play and will have a finite ending, which is strange for a game that basically allows you to watch over a self-sufficient land mass.

‘Mountain’ will be available for Android, iOS, and PC on June 21st, and will cost approximately one U.S. dollar.


[h/t] The Verge

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