Museum-Hotel Houses Guests Inside Miniature Art Galleries

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Mid-West Americans may find themselves sleeping within works of art.

Lara Piras
  • 10 june 2014

Travelers are forever seeking the new, whether that be the cities they visit or the places they stay. Global hotel brands are competing like never before to stay ahead of the trends that are favouring independent, local and accessible ventures with an at-home sense of style and ambience. Airbnb immediately springs to mind.

Coming up strong with an innovative idea is a small three-hotel group making waves in the hospitality industry and increasing its brand power in midwest America. 21 Museum Hotel is creating hotels inside of contemporary art museums where guests of the hotel are able to book specially-transformed rooms inside of gallery spaces allowing them to sleep amongst selected works of art. Visitors are immersed within a curated contemporary art exhibition that changes every six months which helps in building hype and encourages people to come back and take part in a completely new, refreshed experience.

21C president Craig Greenberg explains,

We start from the notion that we are a true museum. We design our hotels to be a museum first and foremost and then around that a hotel, event space, restaurant, bar and all of the other amenities that go along with being a hotel.

The brand’s initial idea was routed in the founders’ realization that Louisville needed a bit of a face-lift and something that would help build a strong community spirit. And with their love of contemporary art and using their own collection, the first 21C part-museum, part-hotel was born. Each property has developed over time and now collaborate with the local art communities to host lecturers, events, and film screenings.

The hotels are currently operating in Louisville, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Ohio and Bentonville, Arkansas with plans to expand globally.

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