Customizable Ringtone Bell Makes Cycling Safer And More Fun

Customizable Ringtone Bell Makes Cycling Safer And More Fun

The MYBELL allows for riders to project any sound at high volumes, like a ringtone for bikes.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 25 june 2014

Safety while biking on the open road means not only hearing all that’s going on around you, but also being heard. Amidst the blaring car horns and shouts of pedestrians, it can be hard for to hear the standard bike bell ringing out for attention. Enter MYBELL, the customizable bike bell that allows riders to make their presence known in any situation.

Created by Peter Pottier, the device is simple to use and fits almost all bike handles. Users only need to create sound files of their desired horn noises, whether they are traditional or musical, urgent or not, before hooking up the MYBELL to the computer. From there, they just drag and drop the file into the MYBELL desktop icon and the sound is recorded into the device, ready for use. Users can also select to program specific displays into the device’s LED lights for night riding.


Whether you’re biking along the beach in Southern California or through the heart of Brooklyn, the MYBELL can handle any ride. The device uses a polyurethane strap, a material often used in outdoor equipment since it can sustain high loads for extended periods of time over a wide range of temperatures and comes in multiple colors.

Pottier first came up with the idea after having a close encounter with a pedestrian while on a ride:

I realized that the traditional bell wasn’t getting the job done when I was riding my bike and almost got into an accident with someone blocking the bike lane. I rang my bell, but to no avail—the pedestrian either didn’t hear or didn’t care. It dawned on me that this was not the first time this had happened to me or to many of my friends.


Pressing the button once for a primary sound, twice for a secondary and additional pulses for lights and other options, the MYBELL can be easily used on the go to alert others of your cycling presence. For Pottier, it is the ease of use, both in function and transportation, as he told PSFK:

The primary concern for the design of the device was ease of use. Bikes are timeless because they are simple. However, I didn’t think ease of use should be mutually exclusive when it came to a High Performance Audio / Visual signaling device. Thats fancy talk for a better horn and light.

MYBELL Lights Colors.JPG

If you’d like your very own MYBELL, you’ll need to make sure it’s Kickstarter campaign is fully funded. At the time of writing, the campaign has 38 days left and is over one-ninth of the way to it’s goal of $90,000. Whether you are an adamant cyclist whose had too many close calls or have a loved one who has, this device could not only be a life changer but also a life saver.


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