NASA Shares Asteroid Knowledge Via Angry Birds

NASA Shares Asteroid Knowledge Via Angry Birds

The latest game update is a collaboration with the space agency to highlight new deep space efforts.

Angeli Rafer
  • 10 june 2014

The epic struggle between irate birds and greedy pigs blasts off into the final frontier in Angry Birds Space. Since 2012, this offshoot of the popular Angry Birds franchise has been a collaborative effort between Rovio Entertainment and NASA to show fans the science behind space exploration through innovative game play—such as using the gravity of nearby planets for unusual trick shots. Now, fans can travel into parts unknown and explore NASA’s next targets for deep space exploration with the latest update: Beak Impact.


Beak Impact takes fans into deep space to shed light on NASA’s future asteroid missions, in particular focusing on the science and technology necessary to get there. The game maintains the typical Angry Birds touch of light-hearted charm and quirky narrative, and also provides players with real information about asteroids through direct links hidden within the game’s numerous levels. Sharp-eyed fans can also search levels for interactive information on some of NASA’s most famous missions including: Orion, Dawn, OSIRIS-REX and the Deep Impact missions.


As a special ‘Easter Egg’, space explorer historians get a special nod in this update with the addition of the “Mighty Buzzard”—a useful in-game tool and punny homage to Apollo 11 moonwalker, Buzz Aldrin.


Overall, this update is committed to educate, inform and inspire players. The agency hopes to use this update to coincide with their own Asteroid Initiative, a mission to detect, track, characterize and even redirect potentially hazardous asteroids. By combining a mix of in-game ingenuity and real science, this game may be one small step for NASA’s entertainment platform, but it could also be one giant leap to getting more fans excited about space exploration.


Images: Rovio

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