NewViewWear is a collection of "wearable camera apparel" that lets users log their daily activities.

Currently raising funds on Indiegogo, NewViewWear is a wearable camera that is tucked away into the wearer's clothes to enable the user to capture scenes from their day.

The line of “wearable camera apparel” features shirts and hoodies with a hidden, always-on micro HD camera tucked into interior pockets behind a small specially-designed lens opening. Wearers can tap the camera three times to remember something that just happened or let the camera record all day.

Wearers can also remove the camera from the special NewViewWear apparel and attach it to other clothes or to objects and surfaces using wearable clips, lanyards, or mounts. The NewViewWear camera is lightweight and weighs less than an ounce so it's quite easy to use with any type of clothing and won't be burdensome to the wearer.

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