Kitchen Appliance Grows Organic Veggies Like A Greenhouse

Kitchen Appliance Grows Organic Veggies Like A Greenhouse

Niwa is a fully automated and really good looking home hydroponics system.

Carib Guerra
  • 2 june 2014

One of my favorite memories of childhood is eating the fresh tomatoes that my grandmother would grow in her garden. She was so proud of the veggies she grew, and she loved to share them with her family. I saw how much effort and care she put into her garden, and she’d put me to work at any opportunity.


Every house or apartment I’ve had since moving out on my own has had a garden where I’ve grown my own vegetables to share with the people I love. Until I moved to New York City, that is. That’s why appliances like the Niwa, a stylish hydroponics system, are so exciting.


From watering, to lighting, to stuff most people wouldn’t even think about like humidity control and heat regulation, Niwa is a completely automated hydroponics grow system. It’s simple to use and easy to look at, and the whole set up is controlled by smartphone with an app for iOS or Android. Once you’ve planted the seeds you’d like to grow, just tell the app what they are and a preset growing environment kicks into gear.


The company, founded by Javier Morillas and Agnieszka Nazaruk, launched a crowdfunding campaign that, at the time this article was written, still has 21 days left and has already met and exceeded its funding goal of $100,000. Check out their video for a little more on what Niwa can do for you:


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