Smartphone Scale Reveals The Nutritional Content Of Meals On-The-Go

Smartphone Scale Reveals The Nutritional Content Of Meals On-The-Go

Wellscale connects to mobile devices to provide information about your food.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 20 june 2014

Wellscale is a portable smart scale that not only gives the weight of the user’s food but also provides information about the calories and the nutritional value of the food to help the user eat healthier and have a better understanding of their nutritional needs.

The scale helps people track of their food and eating habits. The portable smart scale has a Bluetooth 4.0 chip that allows it to connect with the user’s iOS or Android smartphone. Users simply need to place any food on the scale and see the exact nutritional information for the amount entered into the app.

Users can add and track the contents of their meals and save them in their history, and they can set up alerts for specific nutrient limits in a meal or plate. Users can also export all their data so they can share it with their nutritionists, doctors or fitness coach.

The app includes an “advisor” feature that provides feedback about the food in real time. The user can set health goals and the advisor will then give warnings or tips depending on what they require. The advisor can warn the user when they have enough calories or sugar in the meal and therefore have to take some things out, and it can also warn the user when their meal does not have enough calories or nutritional value based on the user’s goals or limits for each meal.


The app comes with a food database based on the USDA database, covering more than 8,000 types of food, but users can also add new foods into the library. Users can “favorite” certain foods to make it easier for them to log the content of their meals every time they eat.

In the press release for the device, Hugo Freire, Developer at WellScale, said,

There are currently no scales on the market that consumers can take to restaurants, bars, or parties. WellScalegives consumers the assurance of knowing exactly what they’re eating, no matter the situation.

Freire developed the smart scale when his grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes and they found that her dietary restrictions to be confusing and vague. Freire realized there was a demand for a device that can provide precise measurements of food and their nutritional content to help those who have strict dietary requirements and even those who just want to eat healthier.


The Wellscale smart scale has a diameter of 83 mm and weighs only 70 grams – making it easy to slip into one’s pocket and carry around whenever they go out to eat.

Wellscale has recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to get the smart scale to production. Backers can pre-order their own smart scale for as low as $65 and expect it to ship in December.



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