OK Go Depicts Romantic Misunderstandings As Optical Illusions

OK Go Depicts Romantic Misunderstandings As Optical Illusions
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The band's recent music video features interesting visual effects.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 24 june 2014

Los Angeles-based rock band OK Go is known for their visually entertaining music videos and their most recent one is no exception.

The band’s music video for their latest track “The Writing’s On The Wall” features some interesting visual effects that create optical illusions within the video. In the video, the four members of the band are seen moving through a series of installations in a large warehouse space that feature different kinds of optical illusions.

The video expresses the concept of the song, which is about the miscommunication between two people who are on the verge of a romantic breakup. Throughout the music video, the four band members present the different optical illusions and then deconstruct them in a matter of seconds – showing how looking from different angles can create different perspective of things.

The video is essentially full of perspective illusions from start to finish. At the beginning a seemingly innocuous object spins around to display the word “OK” on one side and then “GO” on another side. The four band members then appear and start to move through the series of “illusion” installations.


In one installation, for example, a member of the band seems to have two unmatched sides of his head. Upon closer inspection it is revealed that it is the same guy who is wearing a wig on one side and shaved his beard on the other side. Later in the video he can be seen with half a beard.

Another illusion shows another band member riding a bicycle with something flat and heavy on his back. The camera then flips over to reveal that he’s actually lying on his back while riding the bike and being pulled along a platform.


The optical illusions in the video use a lot of patterns, geometric shapes and mirrors, and use depth and spacing to their advantage to create different perspectives when viewed from different angles.

According to a post on Rolling Stone, the band and the video crew took three weeks and 50 takes to make the video. The track “The Writing’s On The Wall” is from the band’s latest album Hungry Ghosts, which comes out in October.


Source: Rolling Stone

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