menu Uses Facial Recognition To Find Dates That Look Like Your ‘Type’ Uses Facial Recognition To Find Dates That Look Like Your ‘Type’

How the dating website is staying one step ahead of the dating game.

Lara Piras
  • 19 june 2014

The majority of us have a ‘type’ right? Whether it’s the standard tall, dark and handsome, or tall, blonde and handsome, we all tend to edge towards a particular look when it comes to picking our dates. Jokes aside, these particular choices are vital in understanding who and why we’re primarily attracted to someone. Now one of the largest dating sites has figured out a way use your past hook ups and relationships to find you the next ‘One.’ has teamed up with Los Angeles-based matchmaking startup Three Day Rule who have advanced facial recognition tech to match users with new people who have similar features to their exes. It works by simply uploading a photo of an ex from Facebook, then will generate a list of people with similar features for users to choose from.

The service costs an impressive $5,000 for six months. However membership includes a host of other useful features to ensure you find your perfect man or woman. There’ll be a relationship coach on hand should you need any advice on whether to pursue a certain person, or confidence boosting tips should you get nervous on a first date. They will also meet the user in person and talk through preferences in a possible partner, both physically and personality-wise, and will then compare photos of past relationships with users within the database to ensure you have the best chance of getting that perfect match.

It’s all about facial structures. Potential future dates could be different ethnicities or even have different hair color yet common features are what people are attracted to. But will’s 3 million-plus users warm to the idea or hate it? While an instant aversion is understandable, some may be happy in being able to find someone out there who is similar to an ex.

With all this choice online daters can be as fussy as they want, and attempt to rekindle an old flame with a new person., Three Day Rule

[h/t] Dailydot

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