Paddles ON! is bringing the auction industry into the 21st century.

The auction industry has pretty much stayed the same in terms of the  way it functions as well as items made available, which mainly include antiques, art and houses. Now a new venture aims to transport the industry into modern day territories via online bidding and the sale of digital-inspired art.

Paddles ON! is an art exhibition and auction that exclusively features digital artists curated by Lindsay Howard and presented in collaboration with Tumblr, taking place both online and offline. The offline event, the next of which takes place at Phillips’s European headquarters in London, attracts an international audience who are ready to bid on some of the most renowned digital artist's work. The event also includes a two-week exhibition and live auction, which is led by one of Phillips’s own world class auctioneers. The event aims to promote contemporary artists and galleries utilizing digital technologies, and also fully supports the artists' and galleries' hard work by giving back to them 100% of the sales made during the live auction.

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