Photoshop Mirror Reminds People That ‘Perfect’ Looks Are Always Retouched

Photoshop Mirror Reminds People That ‘Perfect’ Looks Are Always Retouched
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The Photo Retouch Mirror looks like the interface of a digital retouching software.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 12 june 2014

ATYPYK is a Paris-based company that describes itself as a “creator of small products with big ideas,” and the company creates and sells unique and creative items like a hand fan that looks like an insect’s wing, magnets that look like pieces of tape, a tablecloth with dance steps printed on it, and more.

One of the company’s latest products is a mirror that lets its users look into a frame that looks like the interface of a digital retouching software.

The Photo Retouch mirror functions like a standard mirror, except that the looking glass is framed with the screen interface of a retouching software. The short product description on the ATYPYK online store simply says, “For daily makeovers.”


The frame for the mirror includes familiar functions and features like adjustment settings for saturation, levels and curves, and all the other photo-enhancing tools that are present in widely-used photo-editing software like Photoshop.

The mirror is perfect for creative types like designers and artists who encounter “digital enhancement” or this kind of software in their daily work. It’s also great for anyone with a sense of humor. Though it is clearly a spoof of photo-editing programs and doesn’t really magically enhance the owner’s look when they look at the mirror, it can help the users have a bit of fun each day as they get ready to go out. Every time they use the mirror, people can remind themselves that they can look any way they want.

The mirror is 43 by 32 cm in size and currently sells for 50 Euros. The “photo-editing software” frame is screen printed on the mirror. Like ATYPYK’s other products, Photo Retouch is made in France.

The mirror is a creative reminder that these days society can be so focused on “perfection” or “beauty” that is achieved or created by software, and not biology.

The company ATYPYK was launched in 1998 by Ivan Duval and Jean Sébastien Ides. The company’s products are proudly made in France and sold all over the globe.


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