Physical Button Brings IFTTT Commands To The Real World

Physical Button Brings IFTTT Commands To The Real World

If there's one task you do on the Internet all the time, you may be able to do it with the press of just one bttn.

Brady Dale
  • 4 june 2014

Want to know the time when your teenager gets home at night without actually waiting up? Want to shoot a text message to your spouse every day as you leave the office?

All of this and more could be easily done with the bttn, from The Button Corporation. The bttn is a simple device reminiscent of Staples’ “Easy Button,” only this one has real Internet functionality. Users can program the button to execute one set of commands via an internet connection. A statement from the company explained its functionality: “The bttn communicates with bttn servers, which then trigger the pre-set action. Technically, actions are counter updates, web page updates, twitter tweets, RSS feeds, IFTTT triggers, email, SMS messaging, or any combination thereof. Bttn’s multiple patent-pending system offers a wide variety of ready-made drag-and-drop actions, as well as wizards for simply and quickly defining new actions.”

Green bttn

Right now, two European companies are using the bttn on a large scale to better serve customers. Finnkino, a chain of movie theaters in Finland, has put bttns on the walls to allow theater goers to request assistance from cinema staff quietly and without leaving the theater. Finnish car service, Kajon Oy, has distributed bttns to some of its best clients, like restaurants and hotels, so that summoning a car can be done with just one push.

In an email to PSFK, Koskinen wrote, “We really want to keep the bttn as a super simple action button. Often the owner (configurer) of the bttn is a different person from the user (bttn presser). So, one action for one bttn avoids confusion.” One bttn does just one thing.

It does have two slightly greater levels of flexibility, however. It’s function can change based on the time of day. So, for example, from 6 am to 11 am, the bttn could make your favorite coffee order at your corner shop. 11 am to 3 pm it could send your favorite lunch order to the nearby deli and 3 pm to midnight it could make your favorite dinner order to Seamless. A bootstrapper’s or freelancer’s savior.


It can also take action when it isn’t pressed. So, for example, each time you didn’t make any of those orders it could mark that day in the calendar as a day you stuck to your budget by having coffee at home. Or if your kid didn’t get home and press the bttn by curfew it could send a pre-written, testy text message.

The bttn may be a simple device, but it’s not cheap. Pre-orders start at 69€.


[h/t] TechCrunch


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