Pic Nix is truly a Rube Goldberg machine for the passive-aggressive.

We all have that one friend: the one whose real-life presence you might appreciate because they enjoy the world around them or because they’re always up on the latest trends. Left unchecked on social media like Instagram, though, these otherwise positive qualities prove abrasive, leading to barrages of posts that are a bore except to the people who were present at the time the photo was taken. At times, they even seem designed to provoke your most serious FOMO (fear of missing out).

To combat these annoying gym selfies and #TBT overload, Allen & Gerritsen’s Labs team has built a new experimental device that might be able to gently quell your friends’ addiction to banal social sharing without blowing your cover over such a silly topic. Pic Nix is an “Instagram intervention” service, executed by an Arduino-powered xy plotter named Silent B.O.B. that uses its own iPhone to send snarky, anonymous messages to offending Instagram posters at your behest. The account even posts custom photos with overlaid text to better fit in among the humans.

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