Intelligent Algorithm Identifies The Most Popular Items On A Restaurant’s Menu

Intelligent Algorithm Identifies The Most Popular Items On A Restaurant’s Menu

HotSauce gives you everything you need to take the guesswork out of ordering.

Charlie Stephens
  • 9 june 2014

Choosing where to eat can be extremely time consuming. From the countless reviews, hundreds of pictures, and menu listings and prices flooding the internet– restaurant discovery is a difficult skill to master. Data overload can easily occur, and your attempt at setting up a unique date or snapping that mouthwatering Instagram photo quickly turns into a stop at the local fast food joint.

A restaurant ratings app developed by Serind Labs has set out to solve this problem. HotSauce is aggregating and analyzing millions of restaurant reviews across the web– giving users the tools to mix up their restaurant and meal selection with minimal risk. HotSauce sources this information to determine what previous diners loved and hated. Each dish is given a popularity rating to help users decide what they should order.

So far, 200,000 restaurants have been added onto the app, where all menu items and ratings are displayed. Menu listings feature a picture, description, and additional info. The app coins itself “The Wiki For Restaurant Menus”– providing details on dishes and even translations for hard to pronounce names.

In cities divided by language barriers, HotSauce can perhaps encourage assimilation amongst ethnic eateries by encouraging menu communication and comprehension. It also has the potential to drive food trends amongst curious eating communities. Users can link their HotSauce accounts to Facebook and Twitter and share content. A single appetizing picture paired with an enticing description can cross the paths of social media influentials in very little time.

For eaters with dietary restrictions, HotSauce is currently in testing to roll out a new health conscious feature. Users will be able to enter various dietary restrictions or preferences, and the app will sort the menus to determine what to avoid.

Once at the restaurant, diners can say goodbye to the anxiety that comes with staring down an enormous dinner menu. Indecisive or picky eaters have the luxury of reviewing their meal choices at home in a streamlined manner, before they meet up for a lunch meeting or anticipated date. Rather than burying one’s nose into the menu options, more time can be dedicated to others at the table.

HotSauce uses the power of crowds to bring out the greatness in local cuisine. As its coverage grows, consumers will benefit and the best eateries will rise to the top.




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