Our collective online activity across the most popular sites, visualized.

A real-time infographic published by PennyStocks shows the mind-blowing amount of activity happening on the Internet on popular sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Skype, Google, Tumblr, Netflix and LinkedIn. When visitors go to the site, they’ll see the amount of data being transferred, accounts being created, blog posts being published and more. As the seconds tick by, the numbers rise exponentially, showing the awe-inspiring amount of activity on the Internet.

The infographic shows specific activities for each site, like the number of posts published on WordPress and Tumblr. The live infographic also shows how many video hours are uploaded and watched on YouTube, the number of reviews published on Yelp, the amount of searches on Google, the number of likes and posts on Facebook, the amount of Pins on Pinterest and more. The chart also shows monetary transactions, with statistics on the money spent on Amazon and the amount of ad revenue generated by Google.

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