Discarded Plastic Bottles Turned Into Super Strength Rope

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A YouTube user uploaded a video showing a new way of recycling the empty containers.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 26 june 2014

There are many ways to recycle or upcycle plastic soda bottles. Recycling plants reprocess them into new plastic products. DIY recyclers turn them into containers for different things or decorative pieces.

Russian YouTube user Адвокат Егоров has a different idea though. The St Petersburg-based inventor has uploaded a video that shows him creating a contraption and demonstrating a technique he developed to create a kind of super strength rope from a plastic soda bottle.

In the video, the Russian YouTuber demonstrated how he built the device that allowed him to create spools of the plastic bottle rope. The first contraption he created made thin strips of plastic as opposed to wires of plastic. He modified his contraption by cutting slits into the square pipe.

The device consists of a rod attached to a metal square pipe that has a sort of blade that cuts the plastic bottle. The rod holds the plastic bottle as the user inserts the bottom of the bottle into a slit on the square pipe which cuts into the bottle. The user simply keeps pulling on the plastic rope until the plastic bottle is used up.


The Russian inventor also demonstrated the strength of the rope by using it to tie pieces of wood together to create a structure that can effectively support his entire weight. He also showed how the rope can be melted down to create a more permanent hold.

The concept is definitely fascinating, but it’s not the first time that someone’s tried to create rope from plastic bottles. This video by Sergei Galkin shows a slightly more sophisticated contraption doing the same thing. The idea is basically the same – the plastic PET bottle spins on a rod as a mini shredder cuts through the plastic which is run through a spooler. Another YouTube user Robb’s Homemade Life has created a playlist of videos showing 15 ways to recycle plastic bottles, including turning them into art, clothing, toys, gardening tools, and even as bricks for constructing houses. Of course, the list also mentions using them to create plastic bottle rope.

Source: Sploid

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