Power Bar Redesigned As A Series Of Basic Geometric Shapes

Power Bar Redesigned As A Series Of Basic Geometric Shapes
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Oon by design house OKUM re-envisions the extension cord as a flexible row of wooden spheres and cubes.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 18 june 2014

We are usually content with using the typically white or black plastic extension cables in our homes or offices because there aren’t a lot of alternatives available in the market. We are also used to seeing tangled cables on the floor and under desks.

Los Angeles-based industrial design brand OKUM hopes to change that by re-imagining the typical extension cord as a row of wooden spheres and cubes with multiple sockets.

The Oon is a multi-socket extension cable that is designed to not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The power outlet consists of a row of wooden spheres and cubes made of Connecticut hard maple and zigzag cloth-covered cable that can stretch up to six feet.

The three wooden cubes house the electrical sockets and provide stability while having the ability to flex and rotate so that it can adjust to different situations, meaning the plug sockets can face right side up or lie on its side depending on how the user needs them to be. The wooden spheres were added to the design to help prevent the power cord from getting tangled up.

The Oon extension cord uses self-contained UL listed sockets that are made in the USA and polarized for added safety.


OKUM founder David Okum told Dezeen that he decided to design a new version of the extension cord when he saw the “thoughtless power cord that ended in a tangled mass in plain sight” at their design studio and could not find a “more inspired” alternative in the market. As a product designer he decided to design an extension cable that he would want to use.

He also explained that “that the shape of the product is inspired by my love for simple geometric shapes” and that “the final form was refined through multiple iterations used in real life.”

OKUM used hardwearing materials that homeowners would not mind leaving on display. The design studio also added details in wood, metal, plastic, and fiber – materials that complement each other.

The Oon extension cord provides a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to the typical extension cables that are in the market right now.


OKUM // Oon

Source: Dezeen

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