Brass Bell Helps Urban Runners Clear The Sidewalks In Front Of Them [Video]

Brass Bell Helps Urban Runners Clear The Sidewalks In Front Of Them [Video]

The stylish accessory is essential for people living in big cities.

Ross Brooks
  • 3 june 2014

Running in urban environments normally involves trying to navigate an onslaught of pedestrians, which can make for a painfully slow pace. As an alternative to shouting, one husband and wife team based in Japan has created Runbell, a wearable brass bell that lets you warn people of your approach. It claims to offer “frustration free urban running,” and comes in all shapes and sizes.


Runbell is made from brass for a more musical quality, as opposed to the cheaper option of aluminum. One of the bell’s key features is adjustability; which was designed to be slightly oversized, and can be adjusted to fit your finger perfectly with a selection of silicone inserts. That also means on cold days, you can leave out the inserts and wear gloves for easier use.

We set out to create the ultimate solution for runners using congested running paths. Whether you run in the urban jungle or on mountain trails, the sleek form, customisable grip, and beautiful style of Runbell will become a necessary part of your running gear.

Even though it’s technically a running accessory, the Runbell looks more like a piece of stylish jewelry, which weighs in at just one ounce. To make sure the accessory wasn’t limited to a single sex, you can choose from a his-or-hers version. One final consideration from the creators, Kevin Nadolny and Tomoko Yano, was to use metal that contains zero nickel and lead, especially as ten percent of women and six percent of men have the potential to be allergic.

Our goal at Runbell is to encourage more people to take up running while creating a safe and supportive running environment for runners and pedestrians alike.


The project is currently on Kickstarter, with one roughly one week to go. For just $25, which includes free international shipping, you can get your hand on one of these stylish running accessories. Runbell still hasn’t quite reached its goal, but it’s clearly an idea that would be useful on the busy on streets of New York, or any other major city for that matter – so don’t be shy about supporting them.


[h/t] JapanTrends

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