Samsung Smart Bike Mixes Heritage Design With Next Generation Safety Features


The bicycle has features like a frame that neutralizes vibrations, laser beams that alert other riders, and an integrated GPS system.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 17 june 2014

Described as the most outstanding product that came out of the Samsung Maestros Academy, the Samsung Smart Bike is a prototype bicycle that was created through the collaboration of world famous frame builder Maestro Giovanni Pelizzoli and Samsung Maestros Academy student Alice Biotti.

The bicycle is designed to protect the rider through safety components that are controlled by a Samsung smartphone.

The bike has an innovative frame that is able to neutralize the most dangerous vibrations to the body and provides added comfort when the bike rides over discontinuous pavements.

The Samsung Smart Bike has smart components, such as a battery, a WiFi/Bluetooth/Arduino module, four laser projectors and a digital camera integrated within its frame, and these components can be controlled through a smartphone. The rear view camera of the bike allows the rider to see what’s happening behind him by viewing the real-time video stream on the Samsung smartphone that’s docked on the handlebars via a magnetic mounting point.


The four built-in laser beams projects a bike lane to create a sort of zone around the rider and let other riders be aware of their distance from the user. The laser beams turn this “safety zone” on and off based on the brightness sensor of the smartphone.

The Samsung Smart Bike also has a GPS system that can track people’s regular routes and let local authorities know which ones are frequently visited and should be turned into bike lanes.

The Samsung Smart Bike was presented at the 2014 Milan Design Week. The bike is still a prototype and is being tested in Italy, where bike paths are few.

The Maestros Academy was founded by Samsung and Leo Burnett and at the core of the project is to bring master artisans and young craftspeople together to “preserve Italian craftsmanship in the digital age.” Some of the courses include lessons on how to build made-to-measure bicycles, classes that reveal the secrets behind Bolognese specialities, lessons on how to make shirts, how to make leather bags, and how to handcraft wigs.


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