This Bookshelf Is Both A Standing And A Sitting Desk In One

This Bookshelf Is Both A Standing And A Sitting Desk In One
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Shelf of Tables is perfect for busy designers, wheelchair users, families, or co-working spaces.

Ross Brooks
  • 19 june 2014

Design graduate Matej Chabera had to make the most of the limited working space he had while attending the Royal College of Art, which is why he came up with the Shelf of Tables. The idea comprises three different desktops fitted inside an adjustable shelving unit, which makes it easy to move between different projects without taking up an excessive amount of space. It’s could also be a great way to move between a standing and sitting desk without having to own both.

Made from solid ash, chosen for its strength and pleasurable texture, the desk system uses standard ball-bearing runners to pull the desks out, while an adjustable counter-weight makes sure the unit doesn’t topple over. There are three different counterweight positions, each which offers a different setup. Apart from individuals with a lot of work, families, and co-working spaces, the Shelf of Tables is also well-suited to wheelchair users.


This particular fact was discovered while the designer was working with a 1:1 prototype, something he thinks more designers should try. “This is the benefit of working 1:1 and testing in real materials, you discover things and the objects talk back much more than a render or a scale model does,” Chabera told Dezeen.

Above all else, the series of desks means that it’s easy to move between different projects without having to pack anything anyway, or when a moment of inspiration strikes and you want to make some instant changes. “It is an essential advantage to be able to leave projects open and pick up where you left off. Putting things away into storage slows you down. Having the visual parallel of the desktop makes the change of focus much easier,” said the designer.


Matej Chabera

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