Swivel Chair Rotates Into Its Own Private Office

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The Tuttomio by Emanuele Magini lets users create private enclaves when needed.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 10 june 2014

People work differently and can be productive under different conditions. Some people like working in an open area, some prefer to work quietly and privately in their own work space, and there are some who can thrive in both types of working conditions.

Italian designer Emanuele Magini has designed a piece of furniture that lets people choose how they create their work space. The Tuttomio chair can become a private workstation where users can focus on their work or an open area that allows them to interact freely with other people.

The Tuttomio chair is an attractive, tulip-shaped individual workstation that can swivel between open and closed positions to allow people to be available for interaction or work in a cocoon of privacy.

The chair looks like two halved cups — one sitting inside the other. The inner component has a work desk for the user’s laptop and other items for work, and, of course, a comfortable seat for the user to sit on.

If the user wants to work in private, he or she can simply swivel the inner component so that the work desk and seat become completely enclosed on all sides so that the user can focus on his or her work and avoid getting distracted from all sides.

If the user wants to open up their work area, they can just swivel the inner component back to the “open” position. In the fully “open” position, the Tuttomio chair becomes a work station with a screened desk and no backrest. The users can also swivel the chair only part of the way or halfway to create a semi-private space with a part of the outer component serving as a backrest for the user.

The Tuttomio furniture allows people to customize their own work space the way they want it. The chair lets them create their own private space when they need it and lets them be open for interaction when they are ready to be. It also allows the users to have their own space where they can be comfortable and be themselves.

Campeggi // Emanuele Magini

[h/t] Dornob

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