Artists use methods traditionally reserved for printmaking to create these floral patterns.

Many go for hours sitting in excruciating pain to get the tattoo they’ve always dreamed of. Maybe it’s a hardcore sleeve or a pretty portrait of a loved one. But what if one day you grow out of it and decide that you don’t love her anymore? The answer is temp tattoos. There’s been a surge in this style of body adornment that you can put on and take off as easily as any other accessory.

Tattly is one of the leaders in the game, offering custom temporary tattoos from a host of super talented artists. The brand now collaborates with popular online stationery and gift resource Rifle Paper Co to create a unique temporary tattoo set that will ensure wearers stand out from the crowd. In this case the artists have joined forces and taken inspiration from techniques used in print and accessory design to create a collection of original and breathtakingly beautiful temporary tattoosThe mainly floral range extends the realm of tattoo art.

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