Super-Flexible Furniture Can Be Shaped Into Any Position

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‘The Body’ is a canvas and rice furniture form that can be twisted and folded into multiple positions.

Vashti Hallissey
  • 23 june 2014

Wouldn’t it be cool if instead of just being able to tilt your chair back or change its height, you could roll it into a cocoon, stretch it out on the floor or tie it in knots? You could work in whatever position you liked, with your legs above your head, lying down or hidden from your colleagues inside a 6 meter-long spiral.

That’s what you can do with ‘The Body,’ a super-flexible form created by Finnish designer Kirsi Enkovaara as her graduation project from the Design Products course at London’s Royal College of Art. As its name suggests, it’s a piece of furniture that fits around you, rather than the other way around.

“The Body was designed for encouraging people to find the best position for them to sit in discarding the learned ways of sitting. The malleability of the structure encourages people to create their own seat,” Enkovaara explained to PSFK.

Measuring 6 meters long, ‘The Body’ is made of ribbed canvas filled with rice that can be twisted and folded into any shape. Rice is a unique material in that it’s ergonomic but the friction of the grains with the fabric means that it can maintain a rigid structure. It’s also a much more eco-friendly filling than foam.

One of the great things about ‘The Body’ is that you can play around with it, adapting it to your mood and repositioning it when you feel like a change. It’s a lot more fun than staying in the same position for hours on end.

“The seat listens to the individual’s body and through that create the most comfortable seat for that time and those needs. It does not limit a person to sitting the same way all day,” Enkovaara told us.

Designers are increasingly shifting away from uniform furniture to create pieces that can be personalised to the user. There are swivel chairs that can transform into private offices, ‘chair wear’ that can turn chairs into sleep pods and robotic furniture that changes shape based on the user’s needs. As we become more aware of the dangers of sitting down in the same position for too long, designers are also creating furniture that can combat this such as office chairs that can be turned into standing desks and a posture improving chair that keeps you on your toes.

‘The Body’ could soon be coming to an office or living room near you, as Kirsi is currently looking for a manufacturer to help take the product to market.

You can see how ‘The Body’ works here:

Kirsi Enkovaara

[h/t] Dezeen

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