Fake Tinder Account Turns Sexts Into Men’s Health Education

Fake Tinder Account Turns Sexts Into Men’s Health Education

To promote sexual health awareness, ad students created a Tinder profile for a fictional nurse.

Daniela Walker
  • 4 june 2014

Men turning to Tinder for a fun bout of sexting may have found themselves talking to Nurse Nicole, a fake profile that turns flirty conversation into a serious talk about men’s health.


Texts with Nicole begin as many Tinder texts do – with innuendo that quickly builds to dirty talk. As the conversation gets more raunchy and heated, Nicole goes straight into nurse mode, telling men they should visit to learn more about their own bodies.

The project called, Matches for Men’s Health, was created by art director Vince Mak and copywriter Colby Spear, who are currently enrolled at the Miami Ad School. Spear explained to PSFK how the fake Tinder profile came about:

We began working on the project while interning at Razorfish New York. One of our mentors at the agency, Nicole Berke, challenged us to work on a side project. We gravitated towards Men’s Health Month because we thought it was a great cause and also fairly unknown among men. Using Tinder as the platform to raise awareness only seemed right, because we knew there were so many guys on it, especially in a place like New York City.

Matches for Men's Health

On the project site, visitors can see screenshots of actual conversations that have occurred, which are often awkward and hilarious, especially when you know that all of Nurse Nicole’s answers were written by either Spear or Mak. There were a variety of responses from the men, once they learned that they weren’t speaking to a sexy nurse. Spear said:

The responses are always unpredictable. There are some guys who have seem genuinely appreciative and others who still don’t understand the profile is fake, long after we’ve blown our cover with them. But in the end if the guys are even a little more conscientious about their health, we’re happy.

Matches for Men’s Health was truly a side project, with no connection with Razorfish or any men’s health organization, but the ingenious use of Tinder makes us think that it should have been a formal campaign for Men’s Health Month. Using an application that has extreme popularity amongst the male population – especially because of its sexual promises – to remind them to get their balls checked seems like a wise move.

Matches for Men’s Health

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