Transparent Cubes Scattered Around Cities Create Instant Collaborative Work Spaces

Transparent Cubes Scattered Around Cities Create Instant Collaborative Work Spaces

The 'WW' concept could transform public spaces into areas for creativity and productivity.

Charlie Stephens
  • 24 june 2014

The co-working space is the modern kaffeehaus, a hot destination for students, writers and entrepreneurs looking to get some work done. Surely, single origin cappuccinos and freshly baked pastries help fuel the mind, but it’s the stimulating environment, free WiFi and social activity that make it a desirable place to work.

For urbanites on a tighter schedule but looking for those same essential amenities, U.K. design student Julie Berdou has developed WW, a highly mobile workplace to be dispersed throughout cities.


The structure is a simple glass wall or cube, so everyone is visible while they work:

“As opposed to being tucked away by yourself at Starbucks, WW offers the opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs while being ‘out there’ and seen by the public doing business,” Berdou explained to FastCo.

The work walls and cubes share similar elements with the mobile charging stations placed throughout New York City last year. The stations are solar powered, and the fold-out walls keep workers standing. They would be strategically located to promote face-to-face networking and facilitate on-the-go productivity.


The award winning structure also features touch screen computer projections that display peoples’ company logos while working, a promotional tool that can also serve as an ice breaker. A special coating along the glass will ensure stable temperatures in the cube, and a protective roof plate will channel water runoff.

Urban overcrowding is a key motivator behind Berdou’s compact design. The workplaces are small yet efficient, thereby ensuring the best use of limited space to serve the greatest number of people at a lower environmental and economic cost.

The futuristic concept is primarily geared towards the new highly connected workforce. Berdou’s structures “blur the lines between work and the city” and support a wide range of work styles. Users can focus, collaborate, and interact on their own terms, all within a stimulating city environment.

WW // Mobile Charging Stations // Award Winning

[h/t] Fast Company Exist

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