Preview Travel Destinations Through The Eyes Of A Drone


TravelByDrone is an online resource that lets anyone pin YouTube videos of different sights around the world.

Emma Hutchings
  • 18 june 2014

TravelByDrone is a new online resource for travelers and sightseers to to preview local sights via aerial video footage pinned on a map. The site includes lots of videos from places around the world, from the beautiful coast of Cornwall in the UK to the Las Vegas strip, and Monument Valley to stunning views of Antarctica.

TravelByDrone enables people to take a ‘vacation by drone’ from the comfort of their chair at home. It was launched a few months ago by Jan Hiersemenzel from Switzerland. He noticed how difficult it was to find great drone footage online as they were scattered all over, so he wanted to create a library of the videos so people can explore different places around the world.


The inspirational resource gives online visitors the chance to discover the world from the perspective of drones. The video footage of the areas they are interested in is more accessible than ever before. After submitting a request to share a video, a dedicated team reviews the material before validating the request and making the video visible on the map.

Valid videos must be captured by a drone (not of a drone), be of good quality, and clearly show the area the drone is flying over. Videos won’t be accepted if they are taken indoors, are from a military drone or are promotional (promoting a product or with a political, religious or other personal message).

TravelByDrone is a useful and convenient resources for those interested in viewing faraway places, perhaps to get some inspiration before they plan a journey. People at home can simply pick a location on a map of the world and zoom in to take a look at different videos pinpointed at various locations. They can also scroll down the sidebar to view all the latest videos that have been uploaded to the site.


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