Twitter’s Video Hashtags Automatically Add Media To Text

Twitter’s Video Hashtags Automatically Add Media To Text

As users type #allin when composing a tweet, video ads from Adidas pop up.

Vincenzo Landino
  • 13 june 2014

The World Cup is taking social media to a whole new level. Twitter has joined forces with two of the games’ advertisers, Visa and adidas, to experiment with video hashtagging.


Twitter experimented with the feature last month, where a user can type “#visa” and then a space, you should see a paper clip prompt in your Twitter iOS app. Click on the icon and you can attach a video, which is an ad for Visa.

Adidas is currently testing the feature with the hashtag #allin, which would lead to this video:

This feature gives Twitter yet another monetization stream. Last month Twitter introduced the hashtag shopping cart, a partnership with Amazon which allows users to add items to their Amazon shopping cart by replying to a tweet that has an Amazon product link and adding the hashtag #AmazonCart. Once you do that (and sync your Twitter and Amazon accounts), the item will show up in your Amazon shopping cart.

The video feature will add another opportunity for marketers and advertisers to promote creative content, and being on the heels of the World Cup it will help Twitter give a boost to their paid promotion options.


[h/t] Mashable

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