Updated Filofax Is Designed To Hold Modern-Day Tech [Pics]

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MOD is an update on the folios from the '90s and helps organize accessories that most people carry around these days.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 10 june 2014

The Mod is designer, and This Is Ground founder, Mike Macadaan’s modern take on the classic folios of the 1990’s such as the Franklin planner and the Trapper Keeper.

The Mod is a leather protective carry-all case that is designed to hold day-to-day items like tablets, earphones, cords, cards, and styluses like the Pencil by FiftyThree.

According to Macadaan, it was important for him to reinvent the folio because he used a Trapper Keeper as a child and a Franklin Covey planner as a young adult, and as an adult his style and gear have changed. He said, “The mod is a refined solution to hold today’s items – tablets, styluses, cords, cards, etc. with a design that is minimal and unisex.”

Macadaan and his team at This Is Ground did away with the conventional ring binder system and instead developed a seamless three-magnet spine that can hold different individual leather inserts. The owners can choose what inserts they need or want to use. In essence, the Mod is a customizable case that allows for an organization system that varies between people with different lifestyles and different professions.

Macadaan sees the Mod fitting in nicely into people’s needs. He said,

I’ve been testing the Mod for a few months and I’m finding that it fills the gap between a slim wallet and a backpack. Feedback from women is that it is replacing their handbag as the Mod stows all their daily items. I designed it with two holds so it’s truly unisex.

The Mod is made of premium leather and high quality metal hardware. It has an outer shell case and an interior insert. The Mod has inner compartments for one’s daily essentials like cords, cards, earbuds, cash, pens, styluses, and small notebooks. The leather case can even carry the user’s smartphone or tablet. The case also has a leather zipper pull tab and a leather strap.

The Mod is available in three colors: Toffee Tan, Tobacco Brown, and Silver Dollar. The case is currently on pre-sale and will be available for $250 to $290 on the This Is Ground website and at selected online retailers starting June 16th. Each Mod comes with a singular insert of the buyer’s choice. Buyers can also opt to buy additional individual inserts, which retail for $60 to $100. At launch, people can choose among 10 individual insert types: the Writer, Designer, Illustrator, Musician, Charger, Traveler, Jeweler, Shooter, Explorer, and the Executive.

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