Jaunt, a virtual reality start-up, is helping the digital world become more complete with total area coverage.

It's no surprise that virtual reality has taken off in the last decade as a form of futuristic entertainment. With the advent of gear like Oculus Rift, people can visit places they've never been without ever having to step foot outside their homes. While there are still some bugs to work out, Jaunt, a California-based virtual reality entertainment start-up, is paving the way for hyper realistic simulations by creating a way to get a film a 360 degree snapshot of a moment.

Dubbed “Cinematic VR,” Jaunt has created a special camera at allows them to capture video from all angles of human motion. The rig is essentially a ball with multiple lenses, sixteen in all, protruding outward to capture a moment (both visual and audio) without anything being cut off or missed. From there, all the images from all there different angles are spliced together for one seamless experience in virtual reality. They debuted their creation at this year's E3 conference.

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