Aquatic Hoverboard Takes Surfers To The Skies


After years of teases, French thrill-seeker Franky Zapata invents a water-jet-powered stunt board.

Amanda Johnstone
  • 23 june 2014

In 2010 Hovboard claimed they were inventing a real life Hoverboard, which turned out to be a guerrilla marketing campaign. In 2012, a report suggested toymaker Mattel could soon be releasing a replica of the gadget made famous by movie Back To The Future. In March of this year, Website Funny Or Die created a mock apology on video stating it was “Sorry for Lying about Hoverboards,” following up a huge viral video prank which enlisted the help of Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk, Terrell Owens, Moby and Billy Zane talking about a fake company called HUVr Tech.


Finally the speculation is over. Hoverboard, the latest release from French serial innovator Franky Zapata, is now available for pre-order globally. The new combination of surfing and flying ensures thrill seekers hours of fun. Zapata, is best known for his invention the Flyboard, which was created in 2011.


The Flyboard (pictured above) revolutionized water sports by creating a strap-on jet pack propulsion device. The pack is used in and above the water, allowing anyone to emulate an aquatic version of Iron Man.

Hoverboard-PSFK-Franky-Zapata (4).png

Like the Flyboard, the Hoverboard is a water-propelled device that allows the pilot to fly up to 5 meters above the surface. The device propels water at 40km/h which assists the driver to execute a multitude of freestyle tricks. Essentially, the Hoverboard is a small surf board that is attached to a jet ski. The board is made of carbon fiber, making it lightweight but also strong enough to safely re-enter the water at fast speeds.

Hoverboard-PSFK-Franky-Zapata (5).png

One US retailer is listing the Hoverboard complete kit at US$5850. If you have already purchased a Flyboard kit, you will only need to buy the board itself. The stand alone board is priced at US$2675. Zapata has designed the equipment to be compatible across both devices.

Hoverboard-PSFK-Franky-Zapata (6).png

Uptake is predicted to be huge. The newly released product is so in-demand, the product website has placed a disclaimer in its top banner letting visitors know the site may continue to overload from too much traffic.

Hoverboard-PSFK-Franky-Zapata (3).png

With the arrival of the water-based Hoverboard, we can only wonder how far away land-based boards may be?



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