Amphibious Camping Caravan Adventures By Both Sea And Land

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The Amphibian Camper lets you adventure by both sea and land.

Maria Qamar
  • 10 july 2014

The Sealander is a mobile “swimming” caravan with amphibian capabilities. It can be used as a regular camper, but with the help of an outboard engine it allows travelers to bring their adventures out to sea.

Developed and manufactured in Germany by industrial designer Daniel Straub, The six-person caravan combines the feel of a trailer with the convenience of an electric powered boat. Using a manual hand lay-up process, the composition of the plastic and interior equipment is especially matched to meet all needs on land and in water.

And because it’s light weight, the Sealander can easily be hauled by small vehicles, without the need for a license. Its compact dimensions enable it to maneuver easily and efficiently to your campsite. However, despite the low-weight, the caravan can still accommodate six people with a table that can be transformed into a large bed. Other equipment in the caravan include a fully-functional cooking/washing module, a cooler, heater, toilet and sound system.

The Sealander’s main source of power is a 5 hp motor which generates enough energy for both on-board devices as well as the caravan itself. The 12 ft. long, 5 ft. wide caravan weighs approximately 881 lbs and varies in price depending on which features you choose to include. To ensure that the Sealander retains quality from the inside-out, while remaining low-weight, the high quality interior is furnished with a plywood center. All accessories and parts of the vehicle are corrosion free, stainless steel and are produced especially for the Sealander.

The interior of the caravan is easily adjustable and dual-purposed. The sunroof can be adjusted to preference, the integrated telescope element can double as a swim ladder and the stainless steel handrail can be used to ensure stability on land or to provide assistance when climbing aboard. A spacious hatch lets you use the kitchen and works as a roofed passenger entrance.

Camping provides a great opportunity to connect with nature and with the Sealander, you can do so without worrying about spending hours on building campsite necessities. It provides everything you need on land, then peacefully sails off when you are ready for a change of scenery. The combination of innovation, detail in quality and design sets new standards in the caravan industry.


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