Anthropomorphic Furniture Brings Unique Personalities To Your Home


DAM has designed a collection adorned with human-like expressions.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 7 july 2014

Portugal-based design studio DAM has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their furniture collection that features pieces with a touch of humor in their designs.

Founded by Portuguese designers Hugo Silva and Joana Santos, DAM first unveiled its furniture collection in 2013 and even presented it at last year’s 100% Design in London. The studio’s anthropomorphic furniture collection has pieces that bring unique personalities into any space because of their human-like expressions. Each piece in the collection is a character and comes with a name, personality, as well as a descriptive backstory.

The studio’s first pieces were Nel and Maria, male and female versions of a bedside table with a straw hat lampshade and double drawers with handles that look like eyes and a mouth.

The studio also created other pieces, including Chicos, the siamese twins that function as lower chest drawers. The drawer handles also resemble two sets of eyes and two mouths.

Other pieces include Lena the lazy bed with a personality, and Anas, which are various-sized cushions with illustrations of Portuguese culture. There’s also Silva, a wall clock that hangs from a fixed wall peg via a straw strap. The clock face has three round depressions that resemble eyes and a mouth, and the character’s mustache function as the clock hands. At different hours or times of the day the “mustache” hands create different faces for Silva.

The collection combines traditional techniques with modern designs and materials. The Kickstarter campaign aims to help the studio produce the final products and bring them to market. The funds from the campaign will go to final production, promotional and marketing materials, as well as exhibits of the pieces, packaging for the products and shipping from the factory to the studio, the exhibits, and to buyers.

Backers can pre-order any of the pieces and expect them to ship in November this year. Rewards range from $24 for a single small Anas cushion to $1,500 for the lower chest Chicos or the lazy bed Lena. The campaign ends July 16th.


Source: Yanko Design

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