Contest Your Parking Ticket Without Stepping Into A Courthouse

Contest Your Parking Ticket Without Stepping Into A Courthouse

Cited is a risk-free app that fights your parking tickets without messing up your vacation.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 8 july 2014

You’re passing through a state you’ve never been to and hop out the car to complete a task that’s sure to take only a few minutes. You’ve read the parking signs and are pretty confident that you’re allowed to park there, but when you come back a ticket is waiting for you. You know that you can dispute the ticket, and feel good about the possibility of having it dismissed, or at least have the cost decreased. The problem is, you would have to go to court to do that.

You either end up sucking it up and paying the fine or you vow to never step foot in that state again, telling yourself that there’s a statue of limitations on parking tickets- there’s not. Though every state handles parking violations differently, it is not uncommon for unpaid parking tickets to lead to problems with debt collection agencies (Washington, DC), license suspension (New Jersey), or even auto registration suspension (New York). Unless you take the time to make a court appearance, your best option might be to just pay the fine… unless you’ve downloaded Cited.


Cited is a new app that helps you fight your parking citations, without having to go to court. Users can take a picture of their parking ticket, which will allow a team of attorneys to contest the ticket for you. If the attorneys are successful, instead of paying the total fine, you pay them 20% of your ticket. If they are unable to successfully dispute the ticket, you pay nothing. Created by Michael Cherin, and based out of Los Angeles, CA, Cited is an excellent way to save money without risk.

Currently, interested users can sign up to Cited‘s mailing list, and will be invited to download the app from the iTunes and Google Play stores in the coming weeks. It will initially go live in Los Angeles, but will branch out to Chicago, New York, Miami, and southern California shortly.

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