App Helps You Stay ‘Connected’ Without Disconnecting From The Real World

App Helps You Stay ‘Connected’ Without Disconnecting From The Real World

Moment is an iOS app that measures how much you use your phone and tells you when it might be time to put it away.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 9 july 2014

These days it’s hard to separate people from their smartphones and other mobile devices.

We’ve seen product designs that encourage people to take a break from the online world and we’ve heard about restaurants and bars that strongly encourage customers to stash their devices away and converse with real people. Developer Kevin Holesh has created his own solution for today’s over-connected lifestyle, an iOS app called Moment that tracks his phone activity and reminds him to look away from his phone when he’s been on it for too long.

Moment automatically tracks how much the iPhone owner uses his phone every day. The app is designed to be invisible. After the user downloads the app and sets it up on their phone there won’t be any other interaction involved – supporting its main purpose of getting the user to “live in the moment.” After downloading, the app automatically starts tracking the user’s phone activity while remaining in the background.


Users can set daily limits on their phone use and get notified every time they go over them. Users can also set up occasional nudges that serve as reminders to let them know how much is left of their usage limits with messages like, “You’ve been on your iPhone for 40 minutes today. You’re over your limit.”

According to Holesh, he wrote Moment for himself because he found himself ignoring his family and friends in favor of his iPhone.

He wrote,

My iPhone has improved my life in a number of ways and I carry it around with me everywhere I go. Sometimes I use it too much, and my eyes and mind start to go numb. I pull out my iPhone to combat boredom. Instead, I could be taking a deep breath and looking at the world around me.

Holesh designed the app not to get people to put their phones down forever but to help them find a balance between being connected and experiencing life offline.

The app is available for free on the iOS app store.



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