Portable Gaming System Is A Tribute To Arcade Culture


The R-Kaid-R allows users to play their favorite old school video games on the go.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 17 july 2014

Classic arcade games are not only nostalgic for older gamers who spent their precious afternoons and quarters playing the standing machines at the arcade, but all the gamers who came after them. Arcades are slowly going out of business, and old school consoles are becoming rarer every year. Thankfully, if you crave a arcade console of your own without scouring eBay for an old clunky machine.

R-Kaid-R, created by Swedish designer Love Hulten, is like having an entire arcade you can take with you wherever you go. Each console is individually made with stained wood and solid brass, and features an 8-inch LCD screen, a built-in speaker, a USB port and SD-cart slot for all the games you can want. Games from PC, the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari 2600 and Playstation One will be playable on the device. No longer will gamers have to search the web for emulators to play their favorite old school games or search for the equipment to play faulty cartridges. The best part is that it is easy to pack up, lock and and take wherever you go.

Hulten’s works all revolve around the idea combining artisan work and crafts with new technology, with the R-Kaid-R being an homage to the arcades of old. He has created other video game inspired devices, like a two-player mini arcade called the R-Kaid-42 which includes two wooden controllers, a handcrafted LCD screen entitled Yesterday Pixelvision, and a mini television which also acts as a game console called the R-Kaid-Revelation, all of which are for sale now.

Because these sets are all made by hand, only a limited number will be made, 50 in all. If you want an R-Kaid-R for yourself, it’ll cost you almost $3,400 when they go on sale this September. Be warned, these might be more difficult to grab thank tickets to San Diego ComicCon.

Check out this video about how the console works, from unlocking the device to setting it up to play your favorite games:


[h/t] The Verge

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