Artists Showcase Contrasting Sweet, Sour Styles in Not My Type Exhibit

Artists Showcase Contrasting Sweet, Sour Styles in Not My Type Exhibit
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Exhibit Juxtaposes Two Artists' Differing Styles, Perspectives

Marnie Kunz
  • 21 july 2014

If thoughts of Helvetica, Times and Serifs dance in your head, then Not My Type is the art exhibit that will really get your mind snapping and your eyes popping. In fact, art lovers of all stripes as well as word lovers of all hues can enjoy the visual feast and thought-provoking words in Not My Type. The exhibit, a collaboration between Brooklyn artists No Entry Design and Dirty Bandits, showcases two typography artists’ opposing styles.

not my type 2.jpg

For the show, Annica Lydenberg, the artist and designer behind Dirty Bandits design firm, which specializes in typography and lettering, paired up with graffiti and typography artist No Entry Design to create an art show featuring panels of opposing type styles and contrasting words juxtaposed in a collaborative mural. The mural within the large-scale panels demonstrates the contrasting artistic processes of the two typography experts.

not my type 3.jpg

Lydenberg used more traditional sign painting techniques for her portion of the exhibit, using grid paper to draw her work first then painting her type with Shot 1 on clean, stained wood panels. No Entry Design drew on his graffiti background for a rougher, less traditional approach of sketching freehand with chalk, hacking and chopping at the panels and combining house paint, one shot and stain for his pieces.

The result is a masterpiece of contrasting words and typography spanning the Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco’s walls. And the exhibit digs deeper than style, as the artists each voice their opposing perspectives in their contrasting words. From Lydenberg’s classic, romantic and sweeter side of life perspective to Dirty Bandits’ cynical, dirty and ironic take, the artists’ words and styles provide a well-synced ballad sure to please any type lovers, word revelers and art enthusiasts.

For the exhibit, Dirty Bandits created a flirty window display for a bodega-themed store selling love. Lydenberg offers a contrasting, sweeter view of love with her typography pieces illuminating the desire we all have for love.

The Not My Type art show is running at the Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco through September 28, 2014.

[h/t] Not My Type, No Entry Design, Dirty Bandits

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