Audiovisual Installation Recreates Layers Of The Onion Skin

Audiovisual Installation Recreates Layers Of The Onion Skin

The project was created by Olivier Ratsi, artist and founder of ANTIVJ.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 14 july 2014

Onion Skin, created by French artist and visual label ANTIVJ co-founder Olivier Ratsi, is an immersive installation that recreates the different layers of the onion using lights and music.

The immersive installation comes to life through perspective effects and music by musician and composer Thomas Vaquié.

Onion Skin combines a physical module, made of two walls that are positioned at right angles of each other, with a video and light projection and a 5.1 sound broadcast. The result is a layered perspective of images, video, and sound.

The audiovisual installation consists of four parts that last about 14 minutes in total. Viewers stand between the two walls that act as large screens as geometric shapes like lines, squares, and triangles are projected onto the screens. The visual presentation uses repetition and scale to create dimensions. The geometric shapes first appear as flat elements and then slowly seem to peel away and reveal a new layer of shapes, which then start to peel away again and reveal another layer. The effect is a hypnotic visual experience that takes viewers through various layers or dimensions.


The visual experience is coupled with the music as each visual element comes with a particular sound. As another layer peels away, a different sound also emerges, thus creating a continuous soundtrack.

On his Vimeo page, the creator Ratsi writes,

The whole experience of the installation is based on a very specific point of view. A precise position from which a new dimension is revealed to the audience by anamorphosis. The simple geometric elements (“peelings”) that seemed to be flat at first suddenly start delimiting a new space. The illusion of a new dimension within the installation slowly appears as the onion skins seem to be leaving their physical surface behind.

The installation presents a graphical interpretation of time and space and creates a hypnotic audiovisual experience to viewers.

The audiovisual installation is the first stage in the Echolyse Project, which features several variations of the concept. The Echolyse Project includes the installations Delta and Pêle-Mêle, which also features music by Thomas Vaquié.


Watch the teaser for the audiovisual installation below.

Olivier Ratsi

Source: Fubiz


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