Baby Monitor Records Developmental Milestones and Lets Parents Pre-Record Lullabies

Baby Monitor Records Developmental Milestones and Lets Parents Pre-Record Lullabies
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The Onni device not only keeps an eye on babies but also provides live audio and video

Leah Gonzalez
  • 18 july 2014

Created by Finland-based designers Satu Niemela and Erasmus van Niekerk, Onni is a smart baby monitoring system that helps make sure parents don’t miss anything when it comes to their baby’s milestones.

The designers of Onni are parents of a toddler and twin babies, and designed the smart monitoring system to provide their fellow parents with an easy-to-use device that did more than what traditional baby monitors did. The couple founded SEP Solutions to develop their smart baby monitoring system, Onni Baby. SEP Solutions offers two types of baby monitoring systems – Onni Baby Basic and Onni Baby Pro.

Onni Baby Basic allows parents to turn their web cam into a baby monitor. Parents simply download and install the Onni desktop application to connect their web cam to the Onni web portal and to their mobile device. Once the parents’ have connected to Onni’s service, they can see their child securely from anywhere in the world. Parents can also keep track of their baby’s daily activities via the Onni mobile application, which can also be updated through the web portal. Through the web portal, parents can keep track of their child’s developmental milestones. According to the company’s website, the company is looking into offering a future service that allows parents to print out a coffee table book of their baby’s milestones so that they can share these memories with loved ones.


Onni Baby Pro is a remote access video baby monitor that includes a 5 megapixel HD camera with a 70 degree view angle and infrared LED night vision, a high-quality microphone, high fidelity speaker, multi-color LED night light, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a Bluetooth sleep sensor and an ambient room temperature sensor. The baby monitor also connects to the Onni web portal and the mobile application so that parents can monitor their children and control the features of the baby monitor from wherever they are. Onni Baby Pro not only provides parents with live audio and video, but also tracks their child’s vital signs, and of course record developmental milestones.

Parents can also connect other webcams into the system to monitor multiple children or multiple rooms. Using this feature, parents can give the grandparents remote access so they can also check in on the baby if needed.


SEP Solutions

Source: Yanko Design


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